How Technology Shapes Culture

One of the biggest influences on modern lifestyles and the way that people communicate with one another is technology. Without technology, the world would look nothing like it does today. In fact, it impacts more than some realize. Communication Changes As technology advances, the way that people communicate with one another advances. Most people communicate […]

When to officially start trading live?

Perhaps, the most important part of becoming a trader in Forex is to start trading in the live account. Thanks to the brokers who have given the wonderful opportunity to practice in dummy accounts at free of cost. However, there are many allegations that it does not help to achieve the full potential of the […]

Why unsecured business loans are the best choice for SME’s in India?

An unsecured business loan is the best business loan for an SME in case of short-term funds. A special feature of the best business loans is the ability to avail quick finance without the need of collateral cover. This is highly advantageous for a small business, which is yet to build a scale of business […]

What are the types of business loan you should apply to grow your business?

Business loans can provide financial aid to stabilize the processes and improve the present situation of the operations in the business. Most of the business owners understand the exact requirements of the business and then decide on the type of loan to be chosen to get the process aligned. The business loan application should be […]

Four Simple Steps to Starting a Handyman Business

According to, the salary of a handyman is $27,000 a year. It makes great work as a weekend, retirement, or second job business. This might be what made you think about becoming a business owner. If you’re looking to be the owner of a brand new handyman business, you might have questions. These questions […]

Why ELSS is known as one of the best tax saving tools? 

For an average worker, tax savings can be a tedious task. We explore different options so that we can save the tax as much as possible. People look for PPF, NSC, FDs to save tax but how effective are they? Equity-linked saving scheme or ELSS is one such unexplored option that has enormous potential to […]

Tips for Paying Off Your Car Loan Faster

So you’ve been saving up for a new car and finally feel that you’re ready to sign on the line and drive away with a new set of wheels. Know that your work isn’t done once you’ve had an easy car financing process; you’ve got to keep up with your payments if you hope to […]

Five most common mistakes made by the rookie traders

Forex trading is all about planning and maintaining strict discipline. Those who lead their life with luxury are known as the smart investors in the retail trading industry. They never allow their emotions to take a trade on behalf of them. They simply rely on their logic and trading strategy. You need to follow the […]

Personal Loan Documentation and Application Explained

A personal loan is an unsecured loan primarily provided to salaried individuals and in some instances to professionals such as government employees, doctors, Chartered Accountants etc. The loan amount varies between Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 20 lakhs. Usually the tenure is up to 5 years. The bank and NBFC you are applying with may […]