Don’t Buy Car Insurance without Reading These Tips

Buying car insurance is important. You cannot drive your car in India unless you have a valid car insurance plan. The insurance cover promises to protect your car against damages and thefts. So all-in-all, you need a good motor insurance policy once you buy a new vehicle. There are, however, some very handy tips that help you find the ideal plan. Take a look at this article to know more.

Car Insurance Tips – How to Narrow Down on a Good Provider 

Not just the policy, but the also the role of the insurance provider is very important in ensuring your car insurance coverage is appropriate. You, therefore, need to choose the insurer with a lot of care. A few handy tips in this regard include:

  • Check the claim settlement ratio: First and foremost, you need to check the insurer’s claim settlement ratio. It is imperative for you to buy the car insurance plan from an insurance company that boasts of a high claim settlement ratio. Even if you need to pay a slightly higher premium, opt for an insurance provider who has a healthy claim ratio, as opposed to someone who offers cheaper plans but has a poor ratio.
  • Check the ratings and reviews: The internet has made it very easy for us to understand the reputation that a particular insurer enjoys. You can simply log on and read customer reviews and check ratings to understand the overall standing of the insurance company. If in general, people are happy with the car insurance plans and services of the insurer, you can safely buy your policy from them. If not, then it would be wise for you to look elsewhere.
  • Verify the customer assistance features: Just buying a plan is not enough. Your insurer must promise to offer you all the assistance you need at all times. So check to see how efficient their customer support team is. Also, check the insurer’s digital presence and how well their online and mobile apps work. You should be able to access your plan from home at any time. Select the insurance provider only if you are satisfied with all these parameters.

Coverage and Payments – Why it Matters

While it is crucial for you to choose a good insurance provider, it is also important to find a plan which has the best cover. This apart, you also need to find a car insurance plan that is economical. A plan that is too expensive may become a burden and you may end up defaulting on it. If you miss a premium, your plan will lapse and you will be left without a car insurance cover, which is both dangerous and illegal. So, buy a plan which is affordable and easy to maintain.

Coming to the coverage, your plan should be able to provide you the highest levels of protection. It is therefore advisable to go in for a comprehensive cover. A third party cover will only offer compensation to a third party and not to your own vehicle. And as we all know, getting the car repaired after an accident is an expensive affair. Without a good insurance cover in place, you may not be able to get the job done and your vehicle will suffer in the long run. So do your research, compare the various options online on a site like, and buy a comprehensive cover to ensure your precious car is safe and secured at all times.

Car Insurance Tips – Know the Way the Plan Works

Before you buy the plan, know how car insurance works. This will help you get the claim in an easy manner at the time of an emergency. You should also be aware of the documents you need for a claim. It is advisable for you to make copies of the relevant documents and keep them in a file in your vehicle. If there is an issue and your car needs to be towed to the nearest garage, you can submit the file and get the claim settled quickly.

In a nutshell

Keep these useful tips in mind before you get a car insurance cover. You will have to choose the plan, the insurance provider and the type of cover very carefully. Once you do that, you can drive your car in a safe and secure manner and that too with a lot of mental peace. offer free advice on all matters relating to Car Leasing.

Post Author: Kacy Tami