Some of The Top Situations When Same Day Pay Day Loans Can Be a Terrible Idea!

Pay day loan can be described as short-term loan that are due on your next pay day. The “Same day” pay day loans are just pay day loans that are approved on same day that you applied and the funds from this loan are distributed on same day. These types of loans boast higher interest rate than the other loan options.

Same day pay day loans, often referred to as Pay day loans are indeed the best choice when any kind of urgent financial situations arise. Pay day loans can be extremely beneficial for following scenarios.

  • Sudden financial emergencies
  • Medical emergencies
  • Forgotten due date for bill with high interest rate

While pay days loans are definitely a good idea, there are still some scenarios when they can be more hassle than beneficial. There are two common things for which you should never opt for payday loan. They are:

  • Non-necessities
  • Another debt (Personal loans, Credit cards, Other payday loans)

So, you next question might be that what are non-necessities, isn’t it? Well, read on to know!

Business investment

One must never use same day loan to put in stock market or any such risky business investment. After all, not all investments ensure a guaranteed return. Sometimes, you may lose that same money rather than getting it back. You must only invest the amount of money you can afford to use. Plus, ensure to consult financial expert to see if the investment you are considering is worth it or not.


If you have enough money for vacation, there are chances that you would have already taken one! Using the payday loan for a vacation and pay for the things including hotels, flights, tours, expensive food, and other such things is definitely not a smart idea. After all, it can be a good way to fall into a debt quickly and who wants that? So, save your money for the luxury vacation you are dreaming of rather than applying for a loan!


Have you got an itch for impulsive shopping? Well, there are some healthier ways to scratch that itch rather than using a payday loan for it! Using the money of loan for shopping can be ultimately very dangerous. If you are short of money for shopping right now, you will not have enough when you get paid as well! Impulsive shopping and shopping addiction is fairly easy ways to get in a debt.

Hot date

If you have just started dating someone, you definitely want to impress them with movies, fine dining, as well as other such expensive or luxurious date activities. However, taking out payday loans for the same is a big NO! On contrary, be open about what things you can afford and what you cannot. If your partner appreciates and understands your situation, you are indeed very lucky!

Payday loan cycles can sometimes lead to high interest rate. So, it is best idea to reserve them for important things and such emergencies, not for a fancy dinner or movies!

Post Author: Kacy Tami